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Meet Our Friendly Staff

 Here at the Highbury Centre, we pride ourselves on the warm and friendly welcome our guests receive when they walk into reception. This month, we’re meeting Zsofi (pictured left) who’s been working with us since the autumn.

So Zsofi, what would you say is different about the Highbury Centre? 

The first thing that comes to my mind is the tranquillity. It’s not often you can describe your workplace as peaceful, but it’s true! Many of our guests tell us this too. It’s not at all a stressful working environment, and yet it’s challenging and the work is diverse. I’ve found many real friends here and love working with the team. I’m sure that the joy of working together comes across to our guests at the Highbury Centre.

Tell us your favourite story about your work, Zsofi

Easy! That would have to be my first ever Saturday morning shift. I had the to-do list in my hand for the house team. I thought I’d done everything, but just towards the end of their shift, I realised to my horror that I’d forgotten room service! And that is a pretty important job! When I went on my lunch break, all worried about it, the whole house team was waiting for me in the staff room. I said, “Oh no, I forgot room service!” They all burst out laughing as they knew I’d forgotten and were already doing it. For me, that sums up the brilliant work ethic and supportive nature of our staff at the Highbury Centre.

And finally, how did you find about the Highbury Centre?

One of my friends worked for them, plus a colleague from my previous job knows a member of staff. It was their idea that I applied for the position and what a good idea it was! I love working here.

To find out more about the Highbury Centre’s B&B facilities, click here: www.thehighburycentre.org/accommodation/rooms