Being A Guest At The Highbury Centre

Sitting in the airy and spacious lounge of the Highbury Centre, one of its most regular inhabitants is reminiscing about how he came across the Central London guest house. “I was contemplating early retirement as the commute from home to work was getting too much for me. I came across the Highbury Centre, visited their website and realised that this was the answer to a thorny problem. I’ve been staying here regularly ever since.”

Nick commutes from his home in Northamptonshire, and has found a new lease of life, as he explains.

“I’m not a fan of faceless, corporate hotels. This place is charming, comfortable and quiet. It’s also unbelievably affordable. Where else can you stay in a Victorian house in Central London for such a reasonable price? I can park outside and it’s only 4 stops to Oxford Circus for work. I drive down from home on a Monday, stay here during the week and go back home Friday evening. I love the flexibility. If I fancy staying an extra night, I can.”

Nick is also delighted with the stability the Highbury Centre gives him. “I know the staff and they know me. I don’t have to keep adjusting to a new place every time I drive down to London for work. Breakfast is available if I want it, and if not, I can work in my room or the lounge using their WIFI and take advantage of the peace and quiet before I head into Central London for work. It’s a win-win situation for me.”

“We’re delighted to hear Nick’s feedback. Our aim is to give all our visitors the joy of a happy and peaceful stay. We are so pleased that this is how Nick feels about staying with us. Our Christian values inform everything we do – how wonderful that the Highbury Centre has played a part in helping Nick to carry on with his work. We always look forward to welcoming him.”

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12th February 2019

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