A Day Away Retreat

We are delighted to introduce an individual quiet day “A Day Away” to those who want to get away from the noise to spend time with God.

From our beginnings as the Foreign Missions Club in 1893, we have always worked hard to offer all our guests - renewal, restoration, and relaxation to those who come to us in need of all three.

One guest who had stayed with us many times over the past 20 years wrote us a letter that summarises what we do and why we are here in the centre of London. She said, “There is a way in which Highbury exudes peace. I, like so many of your visitors, have come to you tired and often stressed, and there have found my spirit renewed. You provide peace and we are healed. Long may you do so.”

In her letter, she described exactly why The Highbury Centre was founded. Her words matched the verse from the Word of God which has become our vision and focus over all these years, “They came weary and refreshed themselves there” (2 Samuel 16:14).

We would like to expand our vision and welcome guests who would like to take a break from their routine life. If you need to get away for a day to hear what the Lord is saying to you, or just to relax, “A Day Away” would be perfect for you.

Come and spend a day at The Highbury Centre and find some peace, space for individual reflection, inspiration, and prayer.

Cost: £27/person, including amenities for making tea and coffee, a sandwich lunch, fruit, biscuits, and cupcake. Please kindly note - you are not allowed to bring in food. 

Time: The room is available from 9am till 5pm. 

How to Make an Enquiry: You need to book in advance. A Day Away booking can only be made for one person.

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