We extend a very warm welcome to our guests, particularly missionaries and Christian friends, for whom our charity was founded. 

Our ethos is to ensure that, in extending our welcome, the resources of the Charity are used in a way which comply with our charitable objects – namely, the provision of Protestant Evangelical accommodation for missionaries and Christian friends.

This results in our discount rates for missionaries and our theological and ethical views. We adhere with traditional mainstream Christian beliefs summarised in the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith (below) and the FIEC position on marriage (also below). 

We request that all individuals and groups refrain from engaging in behaviour that would conflict with these beliefs.

Should you require further clarification on any matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We trust that whether your group can align with this policy or not, you will understand that we have established these guidelines to preserve the Christian integrity of our Centre. We would like to stress that wherever we can, we want to welcome you and your group and seek to serve your needs.