Meeting our guest, Mike Frith, founder of OSCAR

Founder of Christian mission work gateway, OSCAR, Mike Frith, knows all about how it feels to be a full time Christian worker. One of the very first resources he listed on OSCAR was the Highbury Centre. “Finding a Christian guest house in an affordable price bracket in North London is unusual,” Mike explains, “so I was delighted when I came across the Highbury Centre.”

Mike travels a great deal for his work and has been staying at The Highbury Centre for about 7 years. “I always get a lovely welcome from the front desk. I particularly like not staying in a faceless establishment – there’s always someone there to have a chat with. The lounge is a great meeting place and one of the real benefits is that I’ve met quite a number of Christians from all over the world there. I’ve found myself being interviewed by some students from the US as part of their studies and met a guy who was travelling round Europe researching Christian ministries. I ended up sitting with him at breakfast. You just don’t get that anywhere else.”

Mike is a fan of the Highbury Centre breakfast. “I enjoy grapefruit in the mornings which is always on offer, plus anything else you fancy. Sometimes I sit on my own, but you can easily join up with other guests if you feel like it.”

As a regular guest, Mike appreciates the many benefits of staying at The Highbury Centre. “I haven’t used the Hub yet, but no doubt I will in the future. I’ve looked through the little library and been out in the garden a few times. Last summer, I walked around it – it was beautiful. It felt like an oasis with the noise of traffic in the distance.”

Like many of our guests, Mike really appreciates the location of The Highbury Centre. “It’s the ideal location. The financial heart of London is only 20 minutes or so away by bus or tube. I like the walk through Highbury Fields to the station. You’re far enough away from the busyness that you feel that you’re not in the midst of everything, but it’s so easy to get to Central London.”

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28th May 2019

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