The Singing Staff Member: Davyd's Journey to Spreading Positivity

We are thrilled to introduce Davyd, one of our newest team members. He is from Ukraine, Kyiv.

He came to the UK before the war in Ukraine started and spent a year dedicating his time to volunteer with a Christian organization based in East Sussex.

Davyd brings a positive and lively presence to our centre. Plus, he's a regular at the gym, keeping his energy levels high!

In fact, he's become quite popular at the gym in the short time he's been going there too.

If you happen to pass by the Highbury Fields gym, you'll spot a poster featuring Davyd lifting weights.

Another thing worth mentioning about Davyd is that he is our resident crooner, always ready to break out into song and put a smile on our faces.

You can hear him coming from a mile away, belting out his favourite tunes with gusto. You can easily spot him in the building by following the sound of his voice.

Davyd started working in the house before being trained in reception duties, and today marks a significant milestone for him as he handles his first shift on his own.

Actually, today is not Davyd's first time working on his own.

Earlier in his training, one of our receptionists fell ill, and Davyd was asked to cover an evening shift. He took this challenge as an opportunity to prove himself and did exceptionally well.

During Davyd's reception training, there were several funny moments that still make us chuckle today.

One particular incident stands out: the reception was buzzing with bookings, enquiries, and check-ins, when a family arrived who had booked multiple rooms.

As Davyd began to check them in, he suddenly looked like a deer caught in headlights and whispered to his colleague, "Help!" We all had a good laugh about it afterward - it's a great reminder that it's okay to ask for help, especially during those busy moments.

We are confident that Davyd will continue to excel in his new role, and we're proud to have him on our team.

And rest assured that Davyd's welcoming and amiable smile will be the first thing you'll encounter upon your arrival.

15th May 2023

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