Trust God and His Plan for Your Life

Hello Friends,

We hope all is well with you and your family.

Imagine what life would look like if all your plans come true right now. Think about it for a second. 

You would have everything you desire, exactly when and how you want. Life would be unstoppable!

But that is not how life works, right?

We make plans, some work out fine, but some don't even see the light of day. Some plans get us into trouble, and others bring us great opportunities.

The question is:

How do we ensure that our plans don't backfire on us? How can we consistently remain on course during our decision-making process?

  • God knows the end from the beginning

You don't know what tomorrow holds, but God does. He knows our strengths and flaws and how they fit into His purposes. He factors all that into the plans He has for us. 

Yes, the plans He gives you may not be what you want, but that doesn't mean they are not what you need.

God is all-knowing. He knows what you need when you need it and how to get it when the time is right. 

  • God's plans are Good

It's important to note that just because God has good plans for you doesn't mean everything will flow smoothly. If anything, all odds will seem to work against you, especially when you’re starting.

You may not like the process and hence try to run from it. 

But God's plans are good no matter what challenge arises. He loves and wants the best for you. He also knows what you will go through when you follow His path. It may not look like it in the physical realm, but God has made the crooked places straight. 

You need to trust Him. 

  • God's Plans don't usually make sense at first
“Sometimes I haven't understood why he has done things and why things happened, but I know that God has a plan.” - Jan Brewer

One of the reasons why we struggle to follow God's plans is they don't usually make sense at first.

We can see this through the redemption story. It requires faith for one to believe that Jesus left the comfort of heaven to come and save people who rejected and despised Him.

God's ways and thoughts are not ours. So, when God reveals His plans to you, they will either seem too big for you to handle or so small that you can easily despise them. But we should never despise small beginnings nor be afraid of God's big plans for us.

To be honest, following God's path is not easy. There will be challenges here and there. 

Like our Lord, Jesus Christ, there is a price to pay for choosing the plans of God. But fear, doubt and pleasing people should not stop us from following His plans.

Let us determine to follow God's plans and trust His ways. And in due time, we shall reap a harvest.

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24th April 2023

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