Christmas Message

Hello Friends,

So here we are, soon we will be saying Goodbye to 2021 and welcoming 2022.

Although 2021 was full of negativity and bad news, morning gratitude kept us going. There is always something to be grateful for, be it little things or big things. 

What I realised, the more we thanked God, the more we were encouraged by God.

The beginning of this year looked a bit gloomy, empty, but your emails, cards with encouraging messages helped us to look at things from different perspectives.  

We are so grateful for your words of comfort and encouragement. You are such a blessing to all of us.  

Here are some of your recent comments, written in our visitor’s book: 

"Peace I found in Highbury."

"Praise the Lord! Thank you for all your hospitality."

"An island of calm in London’s tempest."

"Once again, after many years, a very pleasant, quiet & restful time."

" true ‘haven'." 

"First stayed almost 30 years ago - marvellous improvements."

"We love stopping here." 

"Very nice to be back again." 

"A truly beautiful place."

"What a blessing to be in such a place like this. Glory to God!"

How can we not be grateful? Your messages of encouragement are like light shining before us.

Even when our path takes us through the valley of deepest darkness, there will be someone who will encourage us and comfort us.

“Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our life, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.” - Corrie Ten Boom

We need one another. The enemy wants to divide us, split us up, isolate us, but Jesus came to give us life. He came to unite us and encourage us.

Jesus Christ came into this world with an encouraging message. He said, “Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” - Matthew 11:28

Are you weary? Are you carrying a heavy burden? Come to Jesus. It’s only in Jesus you will find refreshment and rest.

In good times and difficult times, God is always with you. 

Don't be afraid, don't quit, and don't give up! For you are not alone. 

We have God, Who is always there to help us in times of great trouble, and we have each other. 

And when we have God and each other, we have everything!

May God's Blessings Be With You And Your Family on Christmas and always! 

Yours in Christ,

THC Staff

24th December 2021

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