Getting About in London

Here at the Highbury Centre, we like to think of ourselves as helpful friends, sharing our local knowledge with you when you come to stay at our peaceful Christian guesthouse so that your time in London will be as enjoyable as possible.

A big part of getting the most of out of the capital is getting your head around the transport system. It can seem fairly daunting at first glance. Go to any Tube station and you’ll see knots of people gazing at the coloured spaghetti of the Underground map with puzzled frowns. Because you’re staying with us, we’re going to decode the whole thing for you and offer you some helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

There are four ways to get around in London.

1. You can walk. The city is a big place, but walking gives you a unique perspective on the architecture and the layout. It’s a great way to stumble across hidden gems, and of course it’s free. Our location in leafy Highbury and Islington is ideal for any number of destinations. Grab yourself a map of the city and you’re off.

2. The Underground connects the capital with a network of lines, all colour coded. The quickest and cheapest way to get around is to buy an Oyster card which you simply tap on the gate at the Tube station to gain access. It’ll tell you how much money you have on there at the same time. If you’re planning ahead, you can buy yours before you leave home, saving a fair bit of money. Read more about a Visitor Oyster Card. Our nearest Tube is Highbury and Islington on the Victoria Line (pale blue). To get from Highbury and Islington on the Victoria Line to Tottenham Court Road, for example, you’d head south to Warren Street, get off, follow signs for the Northern Line (Black) and travel south to Tottenham Court Road. You can get a free Tube map along with lots of other helpful information on the Visit London site. 

3. London buses are everywhere. You can use your Oyster card to pay for bus travel just as you can on the Tube. The nearest bus stop to the Highbury Centre is at the bottom of Aberdeen Park (a few minutes’ stroll away). Read more about the bus routes.

4. London Overground is the suburban rail network for the city. This is the one for you if you’d like to explore a little further afield. You can use your Oyster card to travel, just as for the Underground and the buses. Our nearest Tube station, Highbury and Islington (a 15-minute walk from the Highbury Centre) is directly linked to the Overground. From there, you can travel east to Stratford, west to Wembley Park and beyond, north out to Cheshunt and south to Richmond or Crystal Palace. Here’s a handy map to help you navigate your way around.

Finally, here is a complete map to give you an overview of transport in our city. Enjoy your time with us and safe travels!

25th February 2020

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