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Dear all, 


The photo in the header was taken last summer in our garden. These beautiful roses with a fantastic scent were picked by one of our team members. Having a peaceful back garden with colourful flowers so close to central London is a blessing. When the weather allows, many of our visitors like to enjoy the serenity of the place, reading, listening to something or having a good conversation with each other.


The beauty of these flowers should remind us of our Creator. The Bible tells us that God shows his eternal power and divine nature through nature wonderfully:


"For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse" Romans 1.2


Things to do in London

London always provides a great variety of programs for visitors and early autumn is not an exception. We can still enjoy good walks when the sun is out, but better to have a plan B in case the rain hits. 

Here are some indoor programs and activities.


A great program for those who like to try their creative self: Lunar HQ runs a Collage Club every month, where people at any levels can enjoy working with magazines, coloured papers and scissors to learn more about collage. 


Somerset House offers a perfume exhibition for those curious about the way scents are created. "Multi-sensory exhibition featuring ten extraordinary perfumes and their pioneering creators, who have radically changed our perceptions of fragrance over the last 20 years"


If you have no issues with heights then enjoy a spectacular view from London's highest public garden. The Sky Garden is on the top of the Walkie-Talkie building as locals call it. You can book a free visit if you are fast enough or book a table at a restaurant there. 


The Jewel Tower is a 14th-century surviving element of the royal Palace of Westminster. It was built between 1365 and 1366, under the direction of William of Sleaford and Henry de Yevele, to house the personal treasure of Edward III. You can visit the tower for £5.00 only to explore the history of it. 


Christian events in London

LICC and Tearfund holds an event titled "Sustainability in a Consumer Age" on the 18th September in Central London. The evening will consider various ideas and explores ways to respond to consumerism from the Biblical point of view.


All Souls Langham place holds an event on the 28th September titled: An evening with C. S. Lewis


The Museum of Methodism and John Wesley's house is free to visit and reveals information about the life of the evangelist and the journey of the Methodist church. You can explore how John Wesley lived and worked by stepping into his Eighteenth Century Georgian house. In the museum of Methodism, you can learn about the origin and spread of the denomination, missionary travels overseas before the time of air travel and see important objects that belonged to the Wesley brothers. 



The Highbury Centre news


A busy but fruitful Summer is behind us. Due to refurbishment works we lost access to our Dining Room for 6 weeks, which is a difficult time in the life of a B&B. We are grateful for our guests who patiently bore with the smaller space for eating in the mornings.


We now moved breakfast back where it belongs: in the Dining Room. For a little while, we will keep serving a Continental breakfast but soon will reverse back to the tradition and bring back the English one!


Meanwhile, works are continuing in the basement to renew our library, guest rooms and bathrooms. During this period our laundry and library services remain unavailable. We plan to go back to normal by mid-September and continue to serve our guests as usual. 


As always, we are happy to hear back from you. How was your visit in London? What did you like about us, how can we improve? You can share your opinion with us using our Feedback form or if you want to leave a public review about The Highbury Centre please use Facebook or TripAdvisor.


We wish you a blessed few more weeks before Summer officially ends!

The Highbury Centre Team



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