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Bursary Fund

Qualifying Participants may be able, the Bursary Fund permitting and at the discretion of the management, to obtain financial support for their stay at The Highbury Centre, which will consist of a discount of 10-50% of the listed prices of lodging at The Highbury Centre with a maximum of £500 p/p, p/a. Support is only available for the use of standard rooms.

A Qualifying Participant is a person meeting all of the following criteria:

  • They stay or seek to stay at the Highbury Centre in order to participate in a Qualifying Event.
  • They live in or are a national of a low, lower-middle or upper-middle income country as defined by the World Bank and published on its website (http://data.worldbank.org/about/country-classifications/country-and-lending-groups).
  • They declare the financial support from the Bursary Fund is decisive for their ability to participate in the Qualifying Event.

A Qualifying Event is an event (meeting, conference, seminar or otherwise) meeting all of the following criteria:

  • The event aims to equip participants for their gospel ministry and seeks to encourage cooperation and unity among Christian believers.
  • The event’s theological foundations are in line with the basis of faith of the Evangelical Alliance (published on http://www.eauk.org/about/basis-of-faith.cfm).
  • The event either takes place at or within reasonable distance from the Highbury Centre.

Disbursement Policy

Applicants for support from the Bursary Fund shall submit their requests prior to or simultaneous with the reservation/booking using the form available on the website of the Highbury Centre.

A discount shall only become final if the remaining balances due to the Highbury Centre have been settled in a timely manner.

Such discount will be charged to the Bursary Fund and can only be granted if it has sufficient funds available.

The management shall decide whether the applicant qualifies and what percentage discount will be made available from the Bursary Fund. In case the support to applicants of the same Qualifying Event would amount to more than £2,500 the Chairman of the Board of Trustees will be consulted.