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About Us

The Ministry of The Highbury Centre

Welcome to The Highbury Centre!

The Highbury Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organisation with the purpose to provide affordable Protestant Evangelical guest housing for those involved in missionary and church building activities.

Founded in 1893 as The Foreign Missions Club, our guest house has over more than a century accommodated thousands of pastors, missionaries and ministers and their families. Our guests have come from nearby and further afield, often as they travelled to from their mission fields.

More recently developments have changed from mainly outward missionary activities from the UK to also inward missionary activities into the UK and from ‘paternalistic’ relationships between churches hitherto connected through mission to more ‘fraternal/sister’ relationships.

The traditional longer term outward missionary activities of proclamation and teaching are complemented by more emphasis on supporting the strengthening of relations between Christian communities and mutual encouragement, thus expressing the worldwide unity in Christ of all faithful, bible-believing Christians.

In addition, there is an increasingly secularized society a renewed need for and interest in evangelistic and congregational activities within the UK.

So in addition to its traditional role as a guest house for travelling missionaries The Highbury Centre also pursues its objectives through providing accommodation for smaller (inter-)national conferences, seminars, meetings and study groups of a missionary, evangelistic, ecumenical and church building nature.

The means of the ministry

Our mission today still is to provide affordable accommodation and a place to rest to those who serve the Lord from across the world.

The Centre wishes and has a legal duty to adhere to its founding principles.
We pursue our objectives through:

(i) the provision of its services to Christian missionary workers at rates which are as affordable as possible,

(ii) the provision to the extent funds permit of bursary support to qualifying participants, and

(iii) the provision of Christian hospitality to other guests of all denominations and faith or none.



All guests are to show respect for the Protestant Evangelical faith and ethos. [To protect the Centre's ethos, the management may decline requests to stay at The Highbury Centre from individuals or groups where there is reason to anticipate they may not show such respect]